Frinton Guitar Lessons
  1. Guitar Lessons
    Guitar lessons normally take place at 25 Hadleigh Road, Frinton-on-Sea but can be given at the students home address if preferred though this costs a little more. Lesson Fees: 1 hour lesson - £22 Half hour lesson - £15 - Areas covered locally - How many years experience you have - Your background - The type of music you perform - Your policy for private gigs - Your upcoming gigs - Any additional services you offer
  2. Equipment
    Instrument & amp List: - Ibanez Gio GRG170DX - Fender Stratocaster - 2009 edition - Yamaha Pacifica - Tanglewood Acoustic guitar - Cort AD810 Acoustic guitar - Fender Mustang II Amp - Chord CG15 amp - Alessis 100W PA amp - Tapco 220FX Mixer
  3. Lesson philosophy
    I try to create a friendly environment which is tailored to what the student wants to learn. whether they want to take music grades or enhance their skills and guitar techniques and enjoyment of playing. - Classical guitar - to Grade 8 - Music Theory to Grade 8 - Acoustic and folk guitar - Fingerstyle guitar, Pop songs and country - Delta Blues Slide Guitar- - Bass guitar, rock and pop - Any additional services you offer
  4. Help and Advice
    I can offer help with guitar set ups, re-strings, truss rod adjustment, string height adjustment. Choice of guitars for beginners or more experienced, amplification, string choice etc. Gigging - advice on performance, nerves, control and performance.